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मीरा रमेश भरवीरकर
जन्म पुणे. वय ७० पूर्ण
शिक्षण पी ई एस गर्लस् ( मॅाडर्न ) हायस्कूल पुणे
फर्ग्युसन कॅालेजच्या पहिल्या वर्षाला असताना लग्न झाले
त्यानंतर १३ वर्षांनी २ मुले झाल्यावर पुन्हा शिक्षण सुरू केले
यासाठी घरच्यांचे पूर्ण सहकार्य व प्रोत्साहन मिळाले
त्यामुळेच बहिस्थ विद्यार्थी म्हणून प्रथम बी ए व नंतर एम ए ( अर्थशास्त्र ) केले
विद्याज्योती गतिमंद मुलांच्या शाळेत अकौंटंट म्हणून ३ वर्षे काम केले
त्यानंतर विद्या सहकारी बॅंकेत नोकरी केली
माझी मुलगी , मुलगा व सून यूएस मधे असतात
फावल्या वेळात मी ॲाईल पेंटींग, वारली, मधुबनी, कलमकारी, इजिप्शियन पेंटींग करायची
एन आर आय मुलांच्या मातापित्यांच्या संस्थेत ( NRIPO) आम्ही आजीव सभासद आहोत
तिथे माझ्या मैत्रिणींसाठी मी वारलीचे क्लासेसही घेतलेत.
त्या संस्थेत आम्ही दोघे मेंबर्ससाठी कोकणात व इतरत्र ट्रिप काढायचो .
पुणे प्रार्थना समाज चे आम्ही खूप पूर्वी पासून म्हणजे सासूबाईंच्या काळापासून सभासद आहोत .
तिथेही मी काम करते आहेच.
आम्ही ९९ साली रोटरी जॅाईन केली . मी २०१० मधे मेंबर झाले.
मला ग्रामीण भागांत काम करायला आवडतं
मला वाचनची आवड आहे . मी विद्या बाळ यांच्या लायब्ररीत काही वर्षे काम केले .
अनेक लेखकांशी त्या निमित्ताने ओळख झाली गप्पा मारता आल्या.
मला प्रवासाची खूप आवड आहे . मी आत्तापर्यंत ३८ देशांना भेट दिली आहे .
मुलांमुळे अमेरिकेतही ८-९ वेळा गेले . तिथेही खूप फिरले .
माझ्या एका यूएसमधील रोड ट्रिपच्या प्रवासवर्णनाचे पुस्तक छापले आहे तसेच
माझ्या मैत्रीणीच्या कैलास , आदि कैलास, चारधाम अशा धार्मिक प्रवासाच्या अनुभवावरूनही
मी तिच्यासाठी एक पुस्तक लिहीले आहे.
मला रोटरीत समानआवड असणारी मैत्रीण मिळाली – डॅा मीना बोराटे
तिच्या मदतीने मी २०१६ ते २०२० या काळात एक ग्लोबल ग्रॅंट केली
मदनवाडी , लोणेरे, व काळदरी येथे नवीन बंधारे बांधणे , जुन्या बंधाऱ्याची दुरूस्ती करणे,
ओढा , तलावांचा गाळ काढणे अशी कामे केली.


Dear Team,

This year marks a very special year for our club as we enter into our 19th year and step towards the second decade of service and fellowship. Along our journey, we strived to do things no one else had done before and played a significant role in strengthening the membership year by year. There are lessons to be learned from the past and I think for RCPSH it comes down to two things : Leadership & Fellowship. The reliability of the service we provide and the quality of the projects we offer defines us. We rose to the challenge.

Our members and their networks have always been efficient, and we proved as an organization to be both robust and extremely flexible in the face of change each year. While it was a decade ago, those days feel like yesterday to me. I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve seen the ups and downs, the challenges and obstacles, the wins and the mistakes. But then and now, above all else, I see our club’s incredible impact in the district or in the society, our continued progress, and the exciting opportunities ahead of us. Now,I miss the energy of being together with our members, having the opportunity to participate with them and learn from each other.

I don’t need to talk about our projects and events as they themselves talk a lot but I was informed that we have recently updated our strategy to host district events, set new flagship projects, provide more career opportunities to our members and I believe this strategy to be bold and right. As I always say, The club’s journey hasn’t been easy. For the leader, It takes courage, passion, boldness and perseverance to achieve great things. So as we enter the second decade let’s strive to deliver our best and to shape the future together.

I extend my wishes to our wonderful President Aishwarya, Secretary Harshvardhan and their dynamic team of RIY 2022-23.

Let’s show the world RCPSH’s full potential!


PHF PDRR Akshay More
(Proud Member – RC Pune Shaniwarwada)


Warm Rotaract Greetings!

It is a privilege to be associated with such a prestigious club for years. What makes Rotaract Club of Pune Shaniwarwada precious is each and every member who is directly or indirectly associated with it. It is not easy to keep a club alive for 19 years – what makes this happen is the core fundamentals of the club which have been led by the previous leaders and the current ones who carry them forward.
Rotaract Club of Pune Shaniwarwada is known for its dynamic leaders, change making activities and initiatives. Be it Manthan, Corporate Badminton and working on huge scale events with other Rotaract clubs in the district – all these events help in shaping each individual who participates.
Rtr. Aishwarya ( President) and her team are very enthusiastic and would mark this year into the sky like a star and I am sure this star would be the brightest.

The experience you gain here, helps you in each and every aspect of your life.

All the best and keep Rotaracting.

PHF. Rtr. Dwijesh Nashikkar



It is always a proud feeling to be a part of not just one of the oldest but also the wisest club in Dist. 3131. The club has been a great contributor in the district by giving some amazing leaders and most of all talented Rotaractors to the organization. Which indeed time and again is witnessed by the district as the quality of work done towards making this organization a better place to be in.
“Change is the only thing constant”, ofcourse! There will always be new changes happening but what one is remembered for is his legacy. This club has given one of the renowned event named Manthan under the most important avenue of Rotaract which is professional development. This now has been recognized not only within the district but also within various other districts as the flagship event of our club and is only growing every year setting some amazing benchmarks.

It gives me such pleasure to share that I got one such opportunity to represent the club in one of the most difficult years of lockdown where Rotaract didn’t just survive the hurdles but evolve into a better and a different era altogether. I wish the club keeps growing and keep setting amazing heights of service and fellowship by Thinking YLTNEREFFID.

Siddhi Shinde
President | RIY – 2020-21


Hello All,

My journey in ROTARACT CLUB OF PUNE SHANIWARWADA was fantastic. A lot of Transformation, learning’s, failures and experiences I have got in my Journey. It actually grew me personally and professionally.

Also I got opportunity to Be the President of Prestigious Club in year 2019 and as it was DRR home club we had that focus and ownership towards our responsibilities.

Constant support was given by our Rotary club and the President of Rotary club toh us also whole RCPSH team along with DRR and His District team. Thanks toh our Zonal Representatives as well.

All this made us Together stronger and boosted us to Strive Hard.

Best Regards,

Past President
Rid 3131
Rtr. Alisha Solanki

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